Wall Board Installation Tips

Thank you for your purchase!! Before you transform your wall let us give you some help. Barnwood has nail holes, knots, checks and cracks which all help make it beautiful!!! The best way to install and keep that character intact, is to apply a black backing on the wall first. We recommend using roofing felt paper or if you are installing over sheetrock or plywood just use a black paint first. Mark your studs so you know where to nail too. We recommend a small finish nailer or brad nailer. Make sure nails are long enough to penetrate into the studs accounting for sheetrock or plywood thickness. It is best to have each board end on a stud leaving room for the next to start on the same stud. You can also use construction adhesive for added strength, or where a board does not end on a stud. Stagger your ends to where consecutive rows start and stop at different places just like you would for hardwood floors. For vertical installation use a thin plywood backer first so you will always have something for the nails to catch. No finish is needed for interior applications. Now just enjoy your new wall.