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Reclaiming wood from a barn

About Our Passion

Vintage lumber cannot be reproduced. Our lumber is 100% original and we’ve got the growth rings to prove it! Vintage wood is old growth which grew slowly, producing a much denser and tighter grain than today’s wood. Years of weathering, footsteps, sweat and tears were poured into these boards. Lives were built around them and families fed because of them. We try to pour as much love into taking them down as the builders did putting them up. We harvest our wood from old barns and structures that may have outlived their usefulness, but are ready for new life!

Each board is hand selected by our team and designated for its most suitable use. Piece by piece we deconstruct until we are back to where it all started. These beautiful raw materials are waiting for a new life so that they may tell their stories for years to come. The wood finds its way to our mill where each one is hand crafted into the finished product that our customers love. We give the wood what we believe everyone deserves; a second chance.

About Vintage Timbers, Inc.

It started with a pry bar, a hammer and a love for reclaimed wood.

As Vintage Timbers has grown, so has our love for all things reclaimed. We personally invite you to give us a call and see how we can help you with your present or future projects. We understand nurturing a vision into a dream and turning those dreams into realities. If you are already a customer, then we thank you. If not, we look forward to the chance to earn your business!

– Jamie Shaffer
President, Vintage Timbers

The barn was the center and lifeblood of the early American farm

They were built with sweat, ingenuity, family and community and were supported by the strongest wooden beams our society will ever know. They were pillars of the land, carved by an ax, crafted by hand and lifted in place by the community. Our products originate in these barns and the reclaimed wood from these magnificent structures will stand the test of time. Not only did they support the barns, but they held together the lives of those who depended on them. The richest wood of its time, valued not in dollars or gold, but in survival. Overshadowing the small cabins of early America, they stood for life and the potential of these early communities. These structures were the early banks, where a family stored its investments and housed its dreams.

It's our goal at Vintage Timbers to bring this rich history into your home. No artifact of the past houses so much warmth, exudes so much sacrifice and has witnessed so much change. These barns accomplished this while remaining strong and fulfilling their duty as the foundation of the farm and the family.

This is why we choose reclaimed. This love that started with the man who held the ax and swung each stroke. Not for himself, but for his family. That love remains in each piece. Waiting to warm your home with all that it has seen. Bring just one piece into your home and it will be forever changed. New homes are built with a story, old homes gain new chapters and families are reminded of what is most important in life. Vintage Timbers brings this history into your home.

Vintage Log Structures

We offer vintage log structures dating back to the 1800’s. We see everything from log homes, log barns, and log storage buildings. Let us know what you are looking for and we can locate a structure that will fit your needs. Logs are tagged, blue printed, professionally dismantled and ready for shipment.