"This is a great company I got excellent customer service when contacting them for a custom order to add different colors The quality of the wood met my expectations And I would suggest it to anyone looking for a unique addition to their home or business" 

-Mitchell Rash, Facebook Review
before reclaimed wallboard after reclaimed wallboard

"My table is so well built!!! It truly makes a statement in my home."

Wendy R., Anaheim, CA

farmhouse table
reclaimed wall planks "The resulting finished product was well worth it, in my opinion. Honestly, the wall has become one of the favorite parts of my house. I would definitely buy the product again. The random width and character pieces really set it apart from other materials and helped to give the feel we were looking for." "I should note that not all of the pieces were 4' in length. Particularly in the 4" width, we received a number of 3' lengths and 1' lengths, but they were able to be worked in pretty easily. There are enough knot holes or bug holes in the character boards that you will want to ensure you have a dark background behind the wood for the occasional spots where you can see through." -Terj, Home Depot Purchaser
"Great product! Love the look with the different colors and board widths. Easy to install and covers very well. Will buy this product again." coastal wallboard
"I freaking love these!!! I cannot stop staring at my wall, it just looks so beautiful, it almost makes me emotional !!! Honestly, they are worth every purchase I have ever made!!"
-Ruthie, Home Depot Purchaser
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