Hand hewn reclaimed wood beam for mantle
Reclaimed beam mantles
Reclaimed wood beam mantle over fireplace
Simple reclaimed wood mantle over fireplace
Rustic reclaimed wood mantle
Reclaimed wood beam close up
Circle sawn reclaimed wood mantle
reclaimed barnwood sleeper beam

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We hand select reclaimed beams that are best suited for mantles. We offer them in 4 side hand hewn, original circle sawn, 2 sided hewn (top and bottom hewn, sides are round...ie sleeper), and resawn mantles. We can cut them square on the back for a tight fit against the wall, or saw a smooth top for better stability for items sitting on mantle, or pick mantles with extra and unique character. And best of all the price includes FREE SHIPPING!!!!


Within every great structure lies a great framework. The beams that made our early barns were that framework. From the pure grit and sweat of a beam hand hewn by ax, to the marvel of the earliest beams cut by man’s first sawmills, our beams have it all. We harvest them from century old barns, homes and factories of yesteryear. They find new life and existence in projects as small as a mantle and as big as entire timber frame homes constructed from reclaimed wood beams. Few things impact a space like hand hewn beams can. Upon walking into the room you can feel the history, warmth and strength of the wood. With so many ways to use our beams in your project, let us guide you through the selection process with ideas and suggestions.