Clean faced reclaimed oak flooring
Reclaimed Oak Flooring in kitchen
Reclaimed Oak Flooring
reclaimed wood flooring
Reclaimed Oak Flooring
Reclaimed Wood Oak Flooring
Close Op of Reclaimed Oak Flooring
Reclaimed oak flooring
Clean face oak flooring reclaimed wood

Vintage Timbers

Reclaimed Oak Flooring

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3/4" Tongue and Groove Reclaimed Oak Flooring. Milled from reclaimed barn wood, saved from old structures. Not only does reclaimed oak flooring look amazing, but it's also the environmentally responsible choice. By choosing reclaimed hardwood flooring you can avoid depleting non-renewable resources and keep quality wood out of landfills. Choose from styles and colors that will be a beautiful addition to any home.


  • Sold per square foot
  • We recommend adding 15% to total for waste
  • 3, 4 and 5-inch width is standard, other widths available in drop-down menu