What is Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

Reclaimed wood flooring is from old buildings and barns where it was once already used as flooring or as part of the structure of an old building. For example, our wood has endured years of weather and wear. 

As time passed, our wood was enriched, leaving a finished product no man or machine can reproduce. Oak is a good source for reclaimed floor planks and comes in different finishes and styles, including natural, clean or dirty top, with a straight, micro or hand bevel.


Why should you choose reclaimed wood for flooring?

Because old growth wood, or wood that matured slowly over time, has growth rings that are much closer and tighter together. This causes the wood to have many benefits, including higher density and less warping. 

Unfortunately, the forests that produce this type of wood are almost completely depleted. Therefore, when given the opportunity, always reuse existing or reclaimed wood, not only for the benefits of having the tighter growth rings, but also in order to keep us from depleting any more natural resources from our planet. 


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