Wood Paneling

Wood Paneling

Rich in history and weathered to perfection, our reclaimed wood paneling will not only accent your wall, but transform your space.  With many options to choose from, we have the look that is right for your style.  From accent walls to ceilings, this is the product you’re looking for.  This beautiful wood is harvested from century old structures.   It is then hand selected according to the look and feel of each application.  The wood then spends 7-10 days in one of our state of the art dry kilns, reducing the moisture to flooring standards and ensuring that your wood is bug free.  Our paneling is available original face or skip planed.  It can be wire brushed, but sanded and milling options are also available.  We even offer our paneling pre-finished by hand.

You can choose from the many styles of our reclaimed flooring.  Each is unique and no two pieces identical.  Floors can be milled from barn siding, grainery boards or from the beams that served as the framework of the structures.  Each beam possesses unique characteristics, including worm and knot holes, checks, cracks, nail holes.  Each provides an array of rich, deep colors from the years of weathering and mineral deposits.

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