Reclaimed Beams

Vintage Beams

Within every great structure lies a great framework.  The beams that made our early barns were that framework.  From the pure grit and sweat of a beam hand hewn by ax, to the marvel of the earliest beams cut by man’s first sawmills, our beams have it all.  We harvest them from century old barns, homes and factories of yesteryear.  They find new life and existence in projects as small as a mantle and as big as entire timber frame homes constructed from reclaimed wood beams.  Few things impact a space like hand hewn beams can.  Upon walking into the room you can feel the history, warmth and strength of the wood.  With so many ways to use our beams in your project, let us guide you through the selection process with ideas and suggestions.

Hand Hewn Beams-Early beams were created without power tools, no lasers to guide the cut, and no sawmill to save their backs. They were simply created with hard work and craftsmanship.  Beams were hewn by converting a round log into a usable timber with flat surfaces using an ax.  Beams were hewed on two sides and all four sides depending on the application. When you buy a hand hewn beam you are getting an original product made entirely by hand.

Rough Sawn Beams—As early as the mid 1600’s, sawmills became part of the American landscape.  They were first only available to the elite, due to the hurdles of shipping.  They steadily became more available in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  These beams have the distinct “circle saw” marks that remain from the large blades that were used to saw them.  They have years of patina and some favor them over ax-hewn beams.

Resawn Beams--  We also sell beams that are “re-sawn” to specific sizes from old reclaimed beams.  This process involves the removal of all metal and then running them through our sawmills.  We still operate an old circle mill, in order to give you a fresh cut to order reclaimed wood beams that still have the characteristics of the original beam. We enjoy assisting our customers in creating heirloom quality, custom reclaimed wood furniture.  If you don’t see what you like on our site one of our specialists will assist you in creating that one of a kind piece that fits your needs.  Vintage Timbers will turn your dreams into reality.