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Wood Flooring

Few details, if any, are as important as the floor you choose for your home.  No other product can make such an impact on the look and feel of your home.  Our reclaimed floors are destined to be the highlight of your home or commercial project.  They demand attention, while granting warmth and distinction to all who tread.    We salvage wood from century old barns and houses that were built with virgin, old growth timbers.  We hand select each piece that is right for the journey to the mill.  It is then hand crafted into beautiful milled flooring.   Vintage Timbers prides itself on preserving century old history for others to enjoy, breathing life into a forgotten resource and a second chance for a piece of history to shine.

You can choose from the many styles of our reclaimed flooring.  Each unique and no two pieces identical.  Floors can be milled from barn siding and grainery boards or from the beams that served as the framework of the structures.  Each possessing unique characteristics including worm and knot holes, checks, cracks and nail holes, providing an array of rich, deep colors from the years of weathering and mineral deposits.

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